Gratitudes 16/09/2019

Now the event is over, I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone, and yes I do mean everyone.

This event was conceived after our (Jurassic Sea Kayakers) fund raising efforts for the RNLI had finished last year, I have good reason to be grateful to all the emergency services! But since I took on this event we also took on a huge project in terms of buying a nearly derelict home, which I am happy to say we have now moved into, just in time to give me 2 weeks to get the gathering organised, it was made easy because of this website supplied completely free of charge by Tom Blake of 4BDesign so my first massive thank you is to Tom.

Also My Brother in Law Colin Haskett from CPH Scaffolding for his generous donation.

Also thanks to all the local leaders and coaches that I called on for their excellent local knowledge most of these guys didn’t even get a free ticket! so have contributed to the charity hugely and been on hand all weekend to help not only with trip leading but with tea, coffee, clearing up, runs to the shops and the dump. So thank you Stephanie De Ruiter, Allen Westerby, Ian Hughes, Sue Varley and Lilia, Simon Waller and many more they all made the event one of the most relaxed and happy events I have ever been to, I feel very proud to have you all as friends.

A big thanks also to Steve Whetman and Chris Reed, they both not only went to big efforts to get here to supply their amazing goods but also did skills workshops and lead paddles and are just damn fine fellows. also thanks to Chris for taking on the selling of the very popular tee shirts.

Then we had the evening talks, so a massive thanks to lee Taylor for his candid views and excellent insight into the mindset and bodily functions of a solo expedition paddler on his Iceland Circumnavigation.

Steve Chards’ followed with his first UK chat since his recent return from North America, Steve really highlighted the possibilities available for any paddler to get into expedition paddling regardless of how skilled you are.

Nigel Dennis, Everyone knows Nigel! Nigel has so many expeditions and stories to tell that he could keep an audience captivated for days, his humble delivery of such massive stories condensed in snippets gave us a fascinating insight into his amazing, hectic and exciting life.

Thanks to you all, for sharing with us your amazing stories.

Also thank you to Paul & Co (sorry) from Just Grillin catering, for stepping up at the last minute and feeding us all with some great food, the curry and chips went down exceedingly well, as did the full English breakfast trays. Paul also made a generous donation to the Charity fund.

The Wareham Whalers, who knew that listening to fantastic sea shanties could be so educational, I can’t get that Mary Rose song out of my head “700 tons the Mary rose is” I did have some funny looks whilst walking the dog this morning! though only getting a 700 tons ship from 600 mighty oaks seems a little inefficient, i’ll be looking into that! but what a great group, thank you so much for coming.

Thanks also to Cary Camp staff, Paul Kate & Saffron what a great location, brilliant facilities, I really enjoyed the late night tales around the fire pit.

Without the coaches we wouldn’t  have an event, these guys were awesome, Paul Hurrell who not only did a lot of the background organising but also ran a Last CNTP on Friday a Sea Leader training course over the weekend and an assessment today and tomorrow, Paul is one of the best coaches I know, I can’t thank you enough Paul.

Rick Cooper, fellow SKUK dealer from Plymouth delivered two great days of coaching, and lots of moral support along the way. thanks Rick

Mirco Stefan SKUK paddler and coach, massive effort to drive all the way from Holyhead with a huge van and trailer, Mirco is a fantastic paddler and coach but not only that is a great boat builder, if you have an NDK there is a good chance that Mirco will have built it. thanks Mirco.

Natalie and Michal, these guys are awesome, willing to take on any task except for paddling in Poole Harbour! they have undertaken some amazing expeditions and I hope to convince them to tell us about them if we repeat the event next year, Natalie approached me at first about coming to coach at the event when I thought we had the coaching covered, but realised that I didn’t have any lady coaches! Not only do Natalie and Michal bring a fresh modern approach to sea kayak coaching their smiling faces and approachability made them essential to this gathering. thanks Guys.

Ronny Riise, what a gentleman this chap is, he travelled from Norway to be here! his wealth of experience delivered two stunning days paddling and coaching, I can’t thank you enough Ronny.

Martin Lanzinger, I think I love this guy! He is always there, willing to help at a moments notice, a confident leader and a great paddler, Martin loves to share his passion for sea kayaking. a proper right hand man, thanks Martin you are a star.

Rich Holts’ passion for sea kayaking is infectious to his clients and to the people at this event, he is a client and a friend and hope that Rich and I will do more together in the future, thank you Rich for your help on all 3 days of the event you are a star.

Last but definitely not least thank you to Nigel Dennis, of Sea Kayaking UK this could be a chapter rather than a sentence, as a dealer I find Nigel inspirational, kind, and one of the nicest people you are every likely to meet. having Nigel around the camp and on the water is like being in the company of kayak royalty, I’ll say no more but thank you Nige but it seems inadequate.

Thanks to all the paddlers that came along, your fee for the event is where the main fund raising comes from, I hope that you all enjoyed it, if we do it again next year then you will all be given a months notice in advance to book before tickets go on sale to the general population, thanks for your patience, your smiling faces, your contribution and for just being awesome.

Steve Jones